Today I’ve been moonlighting over on the Nomad Novelist Writers Group blog. Instead of my usual crime fiction, I’ve been finding out all about the awesome Space Captain Smith series and author Toby Frost …

NOMAD Novelist Writers Group

To our blog this week, I’m delighted to welcome Toby Frost, the comic mastermind behind the fabulous Space Captain Smith series. 

So Toby, how did you first get the idea for the Space Captain Smith series?

It came from an email conversation with a friend of mine who was reading H.G. Wells at the time. I remember thinking that it would be entertaining to have Victorians landing on other planets and demanding gin and tea from the bemused inhabitants, and it all came from there. I already had a vague idea for Suruk the Slayer, and Polly Carveth was a good foil for both him and Smith. The other creatures of the Smith world seem to write themselves. Shortly afterwards, during a holiday in Cornwall, I awoke from a cider-fuelled dream muttering about constructing “the moon-ship”. After that, I just had to write the thing.

What does an average writing…

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