Writing Prompts: the abandoned motel

abandoned motel

abandoned motel

Travelling through the States I stumbled across this abandoned motel on the edge of a tiny town in West Virginia.

It seemed odd, that in a cute little town with artisan shops and traditional bars, a motel beside a picturesque river on the edge of a national park could fall into disrepair.

Old and crumbling, with broken windows and the door to the reception area just slightly ajar, the place looked like it’d been empty a while.

It got me wondering: what happened here?

Now there’s a prompt for a story …

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompts: the abandoned motel

  1. abbspepper says:

    One of the most useful words in a writer’s vocab: why? You’ve got my brain buzzing – wondering what the owner did to upset the town and get boycotted; perhaps the site was haunted; maybe – natch – there was a grisly murder…
    Of course this is very bad news for me as it’s distracting me beautifully from what I should be writing!


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