What book are you reading this week?





My ‘to be read’ book stack seems to grow higher each day. In fact, it’s so tall that it’s become two reading stacks!


Right now, I’ve just finished reading A Wanted Man by Lee Child (review to be posted soon).


I’ve started reading The Obsession by T.V. Locicero.


After that, the next book on my pile is Ghostman by Roger Hobbs.


What book are you reading this week?


9 thoughts on “What book are you reading this week?

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Yes, my TBR pile never seems to get lower, just higher…
    I am currently reading an Icelandic crime story by Quentin Bates (Cold Comfort) – part of my Global Reading Challenge. After that, it will the ‘The A26’ by Pascal Garnier for a review. Good weather to snuggle down and read!


  2. booksonthetube says:

    I’m about to finish reading Love in the Time of Cholera but I have yet to decide what I’m going ot read next. Is Lee Child worth a read? I see a lot of his books advertised on the tube but have never got round to actually reading one….


    • crimethrillergirl says:

      Let me know what you think of Love in the Time of Cholera – I’ve heard a lot about it but not actually read it myself. Yes, I’d recommend Lee Child’s books. They’re action thrillers – fast paced, set in the US. Enjoy!


      • booksonthetube says:

        I actually just wrote a review of it on my blog – it was an interesting book but I found the main character infuriating which made it hard to enjoy. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to read it! I’ll look out for his books then, I’m just getting into thrillers so always keen to try someone new.


  3. abbspepper says:

    Still in California, I was given a handful (five) crime novels by American women. The first, by Kate Carlisle (British-born, living in CA), was Homicide in Hardcover. A fascinating environment – heroine is a specialist bookbinder, working in a prestige library in San Francisco. So far, so attractive. But I wasn’t struck by her writing style, or the rather haphazard plot line. A pleasant enough three hours’ read, and it made me yearn to get back to printing books…

    The second was by Rhys Bowen, Evan and Elle – a Constable Evans mystery. Set in Wales, the San Francisco Sunday Examiner called it ‘a sweet and sunny read’, which for anyone who knows Wales immediately strikes a suspicious note. Wales isn’t know for its sun. Again, the crimes were rather a sideline, but an easy read with pleasant characters. Not a book to read for psychological insights or forensic detail, but fun to read about a place I know well while sitting in San Diego.


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