Love Reading: do you get a daily fix?

I love books

I love books (Photo credit: jamarmstrong)

I love reading, but what with my day job, my Creative Writing MA studies, drafting my novel, and all the usual day-to-day stuff to fit in, it can be tough to grab much time to read.

I’m lucky that I’m a fast reader, especially if the story grips me from the outset and carries me along, but I reckon that it’s only around an hour a day that I manage to read for in the week, and that’s split into short bursts – a couple of minutes as I drink my first morning coffee, a few minutes at lunchtime, a little longer if I’m soaking in the bath. I usually get to read for longer at the weekends, although it never seems like long enough!

What about you?

Do you read every day, or just at the weekends?

5 thoughts on “Love Reading: do you get a daily fix?

  1. booksonthetube says:

    Oh yes, that’s why I love my ridiculous commute and refuse to move closer to work! I’m worried though because I’m facing the possibility of leaving London and moving somewhere I have to drive to work. That would severly cut down my reading time :s


      • booksonthetube says:

        Oh yeah that’s fun as well! Have a quick read over a shoulder to see if it’s worth trying. can get a bit awkward though, I’ve had to contort myself into some funny positions to try and see the cover of someone’s book…


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