You know you need another bookcase when …

many books!

many books!


I love books.

It’s a simple fact.

The problem is, even though I’ve got a Kindle, I’m still hopelessly addicted to hardbacks and paperbacks.

And that’s a problem. I’m always running out of shelf-space and so my books begin to take over the floor – I think the photo speaks for itself!

What’s your solution to an ever increasing book collection?

5 thoughts on “You know you need another bookcase when …

  1. booksonthetube says:

    That’s definitely a problem I can relate to! I charity shop anything I don’t think I’ll want to read again and send stuff that I think I will read again but not for a while to my Mum’s house. Although that frequently results in me coming back from my Mum’s with an armful of books…


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