CTG Reviews: BRIT NOIR by Barry Forshaw


What the blurb says: “Barry Forshaw is acknowledged as a leading expert on European crime fiction, but his principal area of expertise is the crime arena of the British Isles. Continuing the earlier success of the series with Nordic Noir and Euro Noir, he now returns home to produce the definitive reader’s guide to modern British crime fiction. Every major living writer of the British Isles is considered, often through a concentration on one or two key books, and many exciting new talents are highlighted for the reader. And as the crime genre is as much about films and TV as it is about books, Brit Noir celebrates crime on the screen as well as the page.”

There isn’t anything that Barry Forshaw doesn’t know about crime fiction, so this gem of a book is like having your very own, personal crime fiction guru right at your fingertips.

This pocket guide to  crime fiction takes you on a bookish journey across the UK, and also showcases writers who set their books further afield. Taking each geographical area in turn, Barry Forshaw profiles many of the writers and characters who inhabit them, giving insight into both the writer, the characters and what it is about the authors books that especially stand out for him. By taking the journey with him you’re sure to add many more books to your ‘must read’ lists and films/TV series to your watchlist.

A treasure trove of a read – BRIT NOIR is the perfect reading companion for all those who love the crime fiction genre.


BRIT NOIR is out now. Click here to buy it from Waterstones or to buy it from Amazon click here

Barry Forshaw is one the leading experts on crime fiction, TV and film. His books include Nordic Noir, Euro Noir, Sex and Film, The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction, along with books on HG Wells and Stieg Larsson. He writes for the national press, edits Crime Time (www.crimetime.co.uk) and is a broadcaster and panellist. He teaches the history of crime fiction on the MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at City University. Follow Barry on Twitter @BarryForshaw3

4 thoughts on “CTG Reviews: BRIT NOIR by Barry Forshaw

  1. Elena says:

    A must for my crime fiction PhD, it seems. Although I’m afraid that buying this book will lead to even more book buying – confession time: I have never read any of Val McDermid’s crime novels.

    Liked by 1 person

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