CTG NEWS: #DeepDownDead Special Edition Bound Proofs Arrive!


When I got home last night a box was waiting for me under the plastic crate where the postman leaves any post that won’t fit through my letterbox. I recognised the sender’s address – my wonderful publisher Orenda Books.

My heart started beating a little faster.

I tore open the box, and there inside nestled a few copies of my debut novel – DEEP DOWN DEAD! I actually whooped! The book that has lived for so long in my head, on my laptop screen and on my editor’s computers, is now an actual physical book!

This is the special edition bound proof. It’s got a special black and red version of the book cover that the paperback will have when it comes out on January 5th – and I think it looks gorgeous!

I can’t stop stroking it!!

Next Saturday – October 15th – DEEP DOWN DEAD will be published as an eBook. To celebrate, I’ll be running a competition to win a copy of the special edition proof and a bunch of other goodies, so if you’d like to get your hands on an early copy of the physical version be sure to pop back to the blog next weekend.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the eBook version of DEEP DOWN DEAD at amazon here


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