Events Alert: The Thriller Roundtable

If you’re interested in reading (and writing) crime thrillers then The Thriller Roundtable discussions over on The Big Thrill website are well worth checking out.

Each week features a new question, answered by a range of fabulous authors.

This month they’ll be covering:

January 7 – 13: “Which authors have inspired you?” with Jennie Bentley, Derek J. Goodman, Robin Burcell, Toby Tate, Ashok Banker, Tace Baker, Rick Reed, William McCormick, Chris Allen, Judith Cutler, Sharon Alice Grace, and Amy Lignor.

January 14 – 20: “Why do stories matter?” with C.E. Lawrence, Amy Lignor, Derek J. Goodman, J.G. Faherty, James Grippando, Mike Befeler, Merry Jones, William McCormick, Chris Allen, and Catherine Stovall.

January 21 – 27: “What’s you favourite thriller sub genre? Why?” with Ashok Banker, Vincent Zandri, Diane Kelly, Chris Allen, and Amy Lignor.

January 28 – February 3: “How do you determine when a story is ready?” with Toby Tate, Vincent Zandri, Merry Jones, Chris Allen, Catherine Stovall, Judith Cutler, Melinda Leigh, Sharon Alice Geyer, and Amy Lignor.

To find out more visit:




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