Now, as you know I’m a big country music fan. And today I’m super excited to be reviewing a book that’s more country than crime … LOST IN NASHVILLE by Neil White.

What the blurb says: “James Gray is a lawyer and his life is a success. Or, at least he thinks it is, but it has something missing: a bond with his father, Bruce. Bruce Gray is old, tired and estranged from his family. He spends his time drinking and drifting in the small seaside town in England that James once called home. James decides to take Bruce on a road trip, to try to connect with his father through the one thing that has always united them: a love for Johnny Cash and his music. Together, they travel through Johnny Cash’s life; where he grew up, the places he sang about – a journey of discovery about Johnny, the South, and each other.”

Readers who are fond of fast-paced, gritty crime ficton will be no stranger to crime writer Neil White’s best-selling crime novels. He’s known for great characters and twisty-turny action packed stories with a gritty authenticity, but there’s something else dear to his heart – and that’s country music.

And his love and knowledge of country, especially the work and life of Johnny Cash, come through loud and clear in his latest, and first non-crime, book LOST IN NASHVILLE.

The story is one hell of a read – part road trip, part exploration of Johnny Cash’s life – the man and the music – and part a journey of self-discovery for the two main characters, James Gray and his father, Bruce.

It’s a road trip where the journey is measured in far more than the miles covered. Where life choices – the good and the bad – are examined. And relationships are re-discovered and re-formed.

As a country fan I found the study of Johnny Cash’s life, the descriptions of the places visited by the characters and the history hidden within them really fascinating. That, partnered with an emotive story of fractured relationships, regret and redemption as James and Bruce try to connect as father and son, as adults and as flawed human beings, makes this an unputdownable read.

As heart-breaking and heart-warming as the very best country music – LOST IN NASHVILLE will have you laugh, cry and sing along!


LOST IN NASHVILLE is out today! Buy it from Amazon here

To find out more about NEIL WHITE hop on over to his website here

And to read more about the ‘making of’ LOST IN NASHVILLE be sure to check out this blog post by Neil http://www.neilwhite.net/single-post/2016/07/18/Ive-got-more-than-a-life-of-crime


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